Frankfurt 28/11/14


Germany gives me a driven and mechanised nation, one of great industrial strength and in which is reflected in the attitude of their people, humble, hardworking and driven. Compared to other countries in Europe they seems to be more developed, advanced and wealthier. But Frankfurt compared to Munich has retain more of a touristy nature despite the CBD just being right around the corner, the area around Dom/Romer station and St Paul church as well as Bartholomew cathedral is equally charming.


My journey started this time at the Alte Oper station, where I walked down the prime shopping belt with fancy brands that I have no interest in. Afterwards I sat down at the square and took awhile soaking in the atmosphere and people watching. It was nice with the chocolate mocha to smoothen me out, and a german stranger came by on his bicycle and sat beside me in silence, with me and him enjoying each other company. It was nice to have that once in awhile.


 Decided to walk to the German film museum and on the way walked past Goethe house and Goethe Museum, and crossed the Eiserner Steg bridge. I like crossing the ‘Love locked bridge’. It’s like a reaffirmation to the ones that were in love on the bridge, and are still in love. It made me wonder, are the promises that were made there still being kept? What is love, or whatever that we define love to be?
To me love is eternal, and love should be part of a bigger equation. We shouldn’t have to reaffirm our individualistic and selfish nature on the sole attention of one, because that’s not how the world is. Love should encompass our affections towards the people around us, our friends, family, love for nature, love for animals, and through that bigger equation of love perhaps we can find and fall in love with someone, when we both share the same scope of love. How can we find love, if we are not in love ourselves?
Saw the christmas market while walking past there and made a mental note to come back and visit it. The weather was really cold and I took some nice shots while crossing the bridge.
Stumbled onto a flea market on the other side of the bridge. It was pretty interesting and is held on every saturdays, with dealers selling junkets from buddha statues to paintings and all sort of pre loved items to be on sale there. It was interesting and was quite lively.
And finally, the Film Museum! The film museum was indeed quite fascinating, although I find it albeit too short for my liking. Something of this exhibition should be free and not be charged, but still it was a pretty good museum. On the first floor was the history of filmmaking, a pretty extensive room with some old cameras, explaining how film making first originated. There were some really old flip books on display, as well as a peepshow where they use motion to make the moving images tell a story.
The second floor was more interesting, which features actors in their work and technology. There were a life-sized replica of the Alien from the Alien franchise, and the mask of Darth vader on display, as well as an Academy Award for best actor from 1969. I especially like the poster of the different actors, where The Aviator caught my attention. There was a section thereafter form of a green screen where if you move on the carpet your image will be projected onto the screen. Finally sat down for awhile on the mini theater where they were showing some form of continuos reel, form of scenes taken out of a movie to create a mood, for example, suspense I saw panic room, godfather, humour I saw some cartoons, drama I saw hitler and there were just different scenes put together to give a general mood which varies from happy to sad to suspense and horror. It was quite short at that level and that was the end of the normal exhibit. Honestly I was expecting at least two more levels to compensate for that amount but such is not the case and it is unjustified in the price even though the exhibits were good.
DSC_0087 DSC_0097 DSC_0109 DSC_0118 DSC_0122 DSC_0140
I came up to the temporary exhibit- “Filmtheater. Kinofotografien von Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre where it shows the decay of American Cinema put into disuse through our rapid changes in society, and the old being forgotten and abandoned. They are now being used as states like supermarkets, factories, and gyms. That exhibit was really thought provoking and made me think about where we want our future to go, in the process burning bridges in our art and culture. Sadly I was not allowed to take pictures.
I walked out of there feeling up for another museum, but I went there to see that it was closed so I decided to take a stroll down the river Mainz before ending back at Eiserner Steg again. Crossing it this time was beautiful because it was almost dark and the city was slowly coming to light. Frankfurt is such a beautiful metropolitan city, like the cityscape of Hong Kong, Singapore, New York they all are amazingly stunning in the night.
DSC_0167 DSC_0166
Went back to the christmas market and had the steak burger, which was god damn awesome good that I slathered mustard and tomato all around my mouth while trying to eat it like a gentleman. Not possible to do it on so many levels.
DSC_0182 DSC_0187 DSC_0196 DSC_0199
I was still hungry after that so I walked down the other stretch of the market and thought I reached the end. I saw flamkuchen and wanted to have some but it looks like a bar as well and the thing with travelling alone is that it is hard to go into a crowded place and take up space because everyone wants a table as well. So I went to the opposite direction and was delighted to see that the market extend all the way on the other end. I bought fish and chips without the chips but in a bun, and it was so godly amazing as well. The oil they used to fry it with is fragrant and gives the fish a nice flavour, like the taste in truffle oil. Having it with the bun and given the option of tartar sauce or garlic sauce, I chose tartar because it seemed that everyone was having that as well, and was initially regretting cause I think that tartar was bit unhealthy but my first bite eradicated those fears.
DSC_0203 DSC_0225
Thereafter was me wandering the Christmas market without looking at much stalls or offering in depth while trying to take pictures. It was so crowded to try and move anywhere and people were squeezing and bumping into each other. Walked towards the christmas tree and the merry go round and took some pictures.
Decided to wrap up my christmas market adventure and head to Main tower for a nice night view of Frankfurt, which didn’t ceased to amaze me. On the way there I saw a protest and asked if it was politics, which the policewomen told me that it was. There were such a heavy police presence around the area, cars, cordons, patrols, squads all around the area.
Went up to the top of Main tower and the view was so amazing there. There were steam coming out from the top around the platform there were pictures and quiet hushes while taking picture, and all around you could hear the city, sirens, bells from the christmas market and churches, the protests from the politics over the speakers, cars horning, planes zooming, and the quiet sound of wind at that altitude of 150m. It was really cold though and almost suffocating, so I couldn’t stay long there.
DSC_0241 DSC_0245 DSC_0256 DSC_0262 DSC_0269
Decided to walk back to the hotel because I felt like taking a nice walk, and the map only showed it was 1.6km away. No kick!
It was a nice romantic stroll back to the hotel, and even though there wasn’t any company with me I felt that I really enjoyed the day. I kinda missed having her around me, maybe I should tell her that.
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